Dentists are educated to be a clinician and/or researcher, and only few are trained to be professional dental educators. In the past decades, most dental educators taught their students based on their clinical or research experience or knowledge gathered from textbooks or manuscripts published in academic journals. With the advancement of dental science and knowledge, dental education should be improved according to the needs of modern education.  

ADEAP’s mission is to

  • foster the exchange of ideas among professionals and dental schools in different countries in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide,
  • promote a cohesive dental curriculum in the Asia Pacific region,
  • encourage open-minded attitudes,
  • establish core competencies for dental boards and universities in the Asia Pacific region and around the world,
  • perform as a resources and knowledge exchange platform, and
  • provide an outlet for scholarly activities in the Asia Pacific region through regular scientific meetings and a journal.

ADEAP’s objectives are to

  • become the information exchange and resource sharing platform for dental educators,
  • improve the quality of oral medicine & dental education in Asia Pacific,
  • support and develop all aspects of a diverse dental education,
  • promote academic exchanges and resource sharing between its members.