Because of the Epidemic of Coronavirus the social life style global wide has been changed a lot. Even though the geographic distance among different countries becomes smaller due to the spread out of this COVID 19 Coronavirus. The social distance between human being should be increased to prevent from being infected.

Many Dental schools have been locked down because of the epidemic. Most of the lectures are switched to the online mode to keep on the learning progress for those dental students.

But how about the clinical skill training courses?

We have held an online meeting to discuss the current situation of Dentistry in some countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and USA.

To exchange the information and experience to enhance those clinical skill training courses which are the most important infrastructure of the Dental Education, we’ll call an online symposium with the theme of “How to proceed the clinical skill training courses under the epidemic of Coronavirus?”

We’ll invite Deans and scholars from different countries to participate in this symposium which will be organized by President Wei Jen Chang of the Association of Dental Sciences, Taiwan and President Allen Ming-Lun HSU of the Association of Dental Education, Asia Pacific (ADEAP) which will be scheduled on 15th April from 12:00-14:00(GMT).

Welcome to join the online symposium!

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