Dear Dean and Colleagues,


The pandemic of COVID-19 has a gross impact not only for social life but also has certain influence on dental education. Since there are different geographic, culture, economic and social background from different area of the world, responses to the pandemic is also different from one to another.


We have organized a ZOOM meeting on 21st March (Sunday), 2021 from 10:00-12:00AM (GMT+8). During this meeting, we have invited Professor Richard W Valachovic (President Emeritus, ADEA, Director of NYU Dentistry Center for Oral Health Policy and Management) to give a speech “Advancing Global Oral Health Policy in an Academic Setting”. Professor Narelle Mills (Chief Executive Officer, Australian Dental Council, ADC) to present “Accreditation/regulation of ADC responses to COVID”. And Professor Guang Hong (Committee Chairman, Committee of Guideline, ADEAP) to present “Guideline for Dental Education in ADEAP”.


After that we’ll present the result of our recent survey regarding to the “Effect of online learning for dental education from students’ end”, which was conducted in 13 dental schools of 7 countries in Asia.


Ladies and Gentleman, you are welcome to join us for this interesting and fruitful meeting.


The ZOOM information:

Meeting ID: 806 558 7000

Password: 806747